The unicorn is the global symbol of individuality and uniqueness. Paying homage to the legendary creature, Unicorns Empire as a group reflects on the creativity, imagination, and enthusiasm for and daring concepts of content. There are no limits for what we can do and create.



Unicorns Empire aims to stand as the patron for unicorn fandom around the world. While embracing content circling all hybrid human-unicorn themes, in addition to premium lifestyle products, Unicorns Empire will create a global culture empowering like-minded individuals to uplift and unite societies under the mutual bonding of unicorn appreciation.



Unicorns Empire aims to transform human beings into Unicorns by collaborating with like-minded entities to form a movement of exceptional people representing an exceptional culture.
Alongside those who share a similar ethos, we look forward to producing world-class content and premium products that serve our mission.



A unicorn is a lover, a healer and a protector, and overall, and achiever of all things brilliant that life has to offer.
When your mission in life is to reach your peak performance and become the best version of yourself you can be, then unleash your powers. Unite and uplift societies, and act as guardian of the planet to find what you’re looking for. At that moment of self-discovery, and during the journey, is when you can officially call yourself a Unicorn.


Embracing Unicorns

To be a part of the unicorn empire, from its creators, consumers and all other roles in the community, must have passion and enthusiasm the fantastical realm as a whole.

Igniting Imagination

Be innovative. Be creative, and a visionary in everything we do and create.

Generating Excitement

Creating entertaining content and promoting vibrant and engaging events to inspire an exciting lifestyle.

Maintaining Motivation

Constantly defy self-limitations by challenging ourselves, all while raising accustomed standards in life.

Understanding Unity

Hold ties with equality, diversity and overall inclusion with a passion, keeping people from different walks of life together rather than separating them.

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