“Our intentions create our reality”

– Wayne Dyer

What is world intention day?

It is the world day for people to send good and positive intentions to the world for the new year, all our actions, were once an intentions within us, so we want to benefit from such power that intention has, all our intentions create our reality, it created the past, the present, and together we can change our future with it for the good.
In that spirit we want to create global community, where we unite societies, cultures, individuals from all background in one day, to send their intentions collectively for peace, love, healing to all mankind and our planet earth.
World Inention Day, Is a social initiative from UNICORNAIRE, A global lifestyle brand.

Why World intention Day?

WID mission is to inspire and embrace the oneness and unity of people, together we can create a better world for us, full of peace, love and compassion, each of us contribute to the whole, we want to create culture on a global level of setting collective intentions, that it celebrated by individuals, communities, cultures and business entities , by Starting the new year with a global unified intention, it encourage each of us to discover our unique role in creating a new story for humanity and our planet.

Why 14th December?

We choose to make at end of the year, the time where people are setting their new resolution and goals with hope and optimism about the upcoming new year, in light of that, making the world intention day set on 14th December, will combine all the positive energy and intentions together, and make is a global celebration day for all.
“Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention. our destiny is ultimately shaped by our deepest intentions and desires” Deepak Chopra

What is intention?

A thing intended , an aim or something that you want and plan to do. Setting an intention is like drawing a map of where you want to go, Without an intention there is no map, our Intentions are the fuel to manifesting our goals and visions. intention will help create more clarity in our lives.

Intentions can create a new realm.

Most of us feel concern about certain global issues, but sometimes feel powerless to help. But Remember the butterfly effect: A small change can result in large differences. Setting an intention to make a difference can open your mind to ideas and opportunities to do so. It may shift your perspective on the impact of even the smallest contribution to your cause. Just saying out loud to the world, that you intend to be a part of the change is empowering, it will place your focus on something that will have a positive impact on your life and the world as whole.

World intention day is a mass Co-Creation movement.

We are living in time of unique collaboration and you are a part of it. We’d love to combine the power of your intention with ours, to manifest a new world, WID is an opportunity to intend and act big together, in a goal to ignite a positive and unified intention and actions in the world.